The Pettersson M500-384
An ultrasonic microphone for your Windows, Linux, Android or iOS device
An alternative to Walkabout or Echo Meter Touch
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The Pettersson M500-384 has my 60 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & extra year's warranty

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What can I say about the Pettersson M500-384?

If you're looking for a hand-held microphone to connect to most laptops, tablets and phones and give you a real-time sonogram display, the Pettersson M500-384 is the obvious choice. For connection to Android or iOS systems, the Batbox Baton XD and the Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch are the other ones to consider.

All units record bat calls very efficiently, so your choice is going to be guided as much by personal preference and aesthetics as anything else. The M500-384 connects via a cable to your tablet , laptop or smartphone and the EM Touch fits snugly onto an iPhone or iPad, whereas the Baton XD is connected via a cable to either Android or iPhone.

Personally, I prefer a 'one-piece' device, so I'd go for the Echo Meter Touch with its auto-ID.

I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so call me on 0333 9000 927 for advice.

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The Pettersson M500-384 comes with my 60 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and my exclusive 2 year warranty for £465 including EU delivery and VAT
(non-EU delivery will be charged at cost after purchase and if you have an EU VAT number or are outside the EU, we can supply without VAT)

The M500-384 USB Ultrasound Microphone enables you to make high-quality, full spectrum recordings of bat calls or other ultrasonic signals with a wide variety of computers/laptops/tablets/smartphones, using the sound recording software of your choice. The M500-384 uses standard sound device drivers and does not require installation of any custom drivers.

Like the M500, the M500-384 comes in a slim and durable aluminium enclosure and utilizes the same advanced electret microphone technology as the well-known D500X detector.  The M500-384 can be used both in directional and omni-directional modes. The M500-384 is the ideal choice if you intend to use your smartphone for ultrasound recording.

Also consider this model if you need to be independent of a specific OS or software. The software you choose to use must support recording at 384 kHz. Works with Android, Linux (Ubuntu), OS X, iOS or Windows. Please verify the hardware compatibility of the software you choose and that it supports recording at 384 kHz.

The M500-384 comes with a cable of this type.

Most tablets have a micro USB jack (which must be able to work as a host/OTG) and then a separate cable for this is required (not included with the M500-384). Either you can use a cable with a micro-B male OTG plug at one end and a common USB A female plug at the other and connect this to the cable that comes with the M500-384 or you can use a micro-B male OTG/mini-B male cable (not included with the M500-384). If you require this cable, please let us know and we will add it to your order at no charge.

The picture below shows the M500-384 with an Android smartphone, running the Bat Recorder app, available at Google Play, which allows GPS plotting on transects.


Microphone: Advanced electret; Sampling frequency: 384 kHz; ADC resolution: 16 bits; Frequency range: 10 kHz - 160 kHz; Interface: USB 2.0, full speed, OTG/host

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Comment from a client:

"My bat detector microphone failed during a dawn survey and knew that I had a group of dusk surveys starting in two days time. I was not in a good place as I did not have a spare, but my equipment was less than a year old.

After my survey I contacted Martin by email and he called me back on the same day, a few hours later, after a quick nap. He told me he did not have a part in stock, but had already contacted the supplier on my behalf.

The next day I received a replacement part, free of charge and express delivered from Switzerland. I thought it was amazing, and could not believe it was resolved so quickly.

Due to Martin's exceptional service I was good to go with the surveys, and I really would like to thank Martin and Wildlife & Countryside Services for making the dusk surveys happen." 

David Kent

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