The Elekon Batlogger M
A hand-held recorder for professionals
Very sensitive and easy to use
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What can I say about the Elekon Batlogger M?

If you're looking for a hand-held full spectrum recorder, the Elekon Batlogger M is the one to get if you don't need a sonogram display; otherwise check out the Anabat Walkabout and the Wildlife Acoustics EM Touch.

All units record bat calls very efficiently, but the main consideration is going to be personal preference.

Personally, I'd choose the Batlogger M if you want an efficient and easy to use hand-held bat recorder.

With all of these units (except the EM Touch) you'll also get a free bat calls book worth £35: either British Bat Calls by Jon Russ, Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and Ireland by Neil Middleton et al, Bats of Britain & Europe by Christian Dietz & Andreas Kiefer, Is That a Bat? by Neil Middleton or a £35 voucher.

I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so call me on 0333 9000 927 for advice.

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Your Elekon Batlogger M comes with my 60 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and my exclusive 3 year warranty for £1650 including UK delivery and VAT
(non-UK delivery will be charged at cost after purchase and we can supply without VAT)
For orders to be shipped outside the UK, please email to get prices.
(Please check with us before ordering from outside the UK)

The Elekon Batlogger M is the 'bench-mark' for hand-held full spectrum ultrasonic recorders, with extreme sensitivity allowing detection of bats up to 30m away (depending on species).

Data logger to record the ultrasonic sounds of bats with live monitoring.

Recorded signals, as well as a number of additional meta-information (GPS-Position, temperature, time, ...), are saved on SDHC-cards.

The BATLOGGER is an appealing solution for professional bat monitoring and all people interested in bat protection alike.

Included: 1 BATLOGGER M device; 1 Microphone FG black; 1 SD-Card 16GB; 1 Power supply 100-240V; 1 Case; 1 Instruction manual; BATPARS Editor Software (Windows/Mac); BatExplorer Software (Windows).

Download Manual

The BATLOGGER M is an advanced bat detector and recording system for bat calls. It is a compact and versatile tool with a lot of features for scientists and all people interested in bat protection.
The ultrasonic sounds of the bats are recorded unaltered and in best audio quality (real-time, full spectrum). The BATLOGGER M can be used for active acoustic monitoring and as bat detector. The integrated live monitoring (heterodyne, with automatic tuning) with speaker or headphones simplify work.

Advanced bat detector

Due to this sophisticated tool the work of the bat observer is made much easier. The built-in live monitoring (mixer, resp. superheterodyne) tunes to the different call frequencies automatically. On detected bat activity the recording can be started automatically or manually and the most important informations are displayed directly and clearly.

Individually adjustable

Different observation situations require different recording settings. Scheduled recording, permanent recording, instant recording and different triggers (for call identification) can be set up. Charts and statistics summarize the recorded data clearly and concisely and can be exported for further processing.

Advanced bat detector

Due to the sophisticated tools and automatics the work ot the bat observer is made much easier. The built-in live monitoring (mixer, resp. superheterodyne) tunes to the different call frequencies automatically. On detected bat activity the recording can be started automatically or manually and the most important informations is displayed directly and clearly.

Configure via PC

With BATPARS Editor Software it is easy and user-friendly to create and customize the BATLOGGER M settings with your computer (Windows and Mac). So it is a breeze to adjust all parameters according to your wishes, even without searching the manual for the correct values.

Open data formats

We believe the data belongs to the user. Therefore the recordings and metadata are stored in open formats such as WAV and XML. Thus you do not need special software to use the data and can, besides our software, also use other popular audio and bioacoustics programs.

SPECIFICATIONS These are just some of the technical specifications, for more information check the manual of the BATLOGGER M.

Field of application: Active (mobile) monitoring

Acoustic signal processing: Real time 16bit-full spectrum

Type of microphone: FG black/green

Number of microphones: 1

Sensitivity range: 10–150 kHz

Sample rate: 312.5 kHz

Live monitoring: Heterodyne (automatic or manual)

Manual peak frequency selection: yes

Trigger function: yes, adjustable, Manual, Continuous, Crest Adv, Crest, Period, SD

Scheduler: yes, adjustable, with sunset/sunrise times

Audio out: 3.5mm plug / speaker

Storage: SD card, max 128 GB

Display: LCD with backlight

Interface: Push-buttons

GPS: yes

Sensors: Temperature

Size (WxLxD): 80 x 155 x 38 mm

Weight: 350g

Protection class: IP30

Power supply: internal rechargeable battery

Operating time: 18h per battery charge

(Please check with us before ordering from outside the UK)
Strongbox S
Do you want to install the BATLOGGER M in the field for a longer time?
The Strongbox allows the long-term surveillance and monitoring of bat habitats.

Up to 120 h recording time with the BATLOGGER M
State of the art Li-Ion technology with integrated protective circuit
With 2m microphone cable and microphone protection
Shockproof and weatherproof
Inconspicuously placeable in the field
Includes charging cable with EU plug and UK adaptor for UK clients

Compatible with the BATLOGGER M (BATLOGGER not included)

Lets you use your Batlogger M as a passive bat recorder outside in all weathers.

£780 including UK delivery & VAT
(Please check with us before ordering from outside the UK)
Batlogger M
Bat Explorer Tutorial
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Comment from a client:

"My bat detector microphone failed during a dawn survey and knew that I had a group of dusk surveys starting in two days time. I was not in a good place as I did not have a spare, but my equipment was less than a year old.

After my survey I contacted Martin by email and he called me back on the same day, a few hours later, after a quick nap. He told me he did not have a part in stock, but had already contacted the supplier on my behalf.

The next day I received a replacement part, free of charge and express delivered from Switzerland. I thought it was amazing, and could not believe it was resolved so quickly.

Due to Martin's exceptional service I was good to go with the surveys, and I really would like to thank Martin and Wildlife Countryside Services for making the dusk surveys happen." 

David Kent

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